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Rear seats

Fellow builders.
My 1st use of this medium to gather some info.  I've got a 173 FGE and
am doing as much work as possible on the lower fuselage before starting
on the upper section (garage space).  I'm building/placing the rear
seats.  Can't find in the manual how far back they should sit.  I assume
as close as possible to the whale tail and not interfere with the trim
motor.  However, if I leave an inch between the inner seat pan and the
center keel, the outer hinges rub against the inner skin of the fuselage
and limit the seat bottom pan from lowerinng to the floor.  My choice
seems to be to move the seat location forward a little or not putting
the aft edge of the seat bottom on the floor.  This, by the way, seems
to be an unnatural seating position to me; sitting basically on the
floor with the front edge of the seat bottom 5-6 inches up off the
   Anyone out there been down this road and can offer some advice?

Anxious in Albuquerque.....Mark