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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel sender

Hi Martin,

Kindly give your opinion on the Audio Flight Avionics AV-10 at:
I think that this unit does in fact deliver real time data output.
Thanks !

Burt Kellerman  173RG

Martin A Hadley wrote:
> With regards to the engine monitor units with RS232 output, these are
> storage downloads, not real time, correct? It would seem for in-flight
> panel display one would need real time output of every engine parameter,
> oil temp / press, fuel flow / press, RPM, MP, etc.
> Also, most of these units need to be "programmed" to facilitate download,
> temporarily disabling the operational mode of the unit.
> The Electronics International units and the JPI units that I have
> admittedly had very little experience with were downloaded while the
> airplane was in the hanger and the engine not running.
> I'm always willing to learn more about these units. Tell me more!
> Martin
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