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mags scare me

Greg.Otto@cyrix.com wrote:

> Can you explain the new mags can be timed incorrectly internally but ok
> with buzz box?  And how could somebody know?

We had that problem with a new Slick last summer.   With the "buzz box" it
checked out but if you simply pulled #1 plug, turned the engine, when it
fired the fly wheel was at 40 degrees.  We replaced the mag and went from
aprox 2000 rpm static to about 2400 and the CHT went down over 100
degrees.  The problem was also solved by just shuting the mag off and
running on just the electronic ignition.Is this why Henry Ford got rid of
mags when he went from the Model "T" to the Model "A"?
Years ago on a run up leaving the outer Bahamas with my wife and three kids
on board I had a 125 rpm drop on one mag.  Figured it was dirty plugs so we
flew home about 2.5 hours over open water.  The next day after I cleaned
the plugs I was getting a different rpm drop evertime I checked it.  When I
pulled the mag the insides fell out in my hand.  The magnet was what kept
it from falling into the engine.
I've had many other close calls due to mags.   This has effected the way I
think about mags but then their are a lot of things about airplanes that
scare me.  Fear can be healthy.