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Re: Engine, Mags, Bellcranks

In a message dated 98-08-25 13:11:33 EDT, you write:

<< If you put two coolers in parallel, but one is in the nose and has 30
 feet of oil line to/from it, the one in the rear is going to get all the
 oil (or nearly all). >>

I agree!  My rear cooler is doing most, if not all the cooling.  It took care
of my high oil temps with just the front cooler.  It is the same cooler as in
the front.  The long lines running to/from the cooler is the problem.  If all
the people that put in a rear cooler to supplement the front would cap off the
front, and fly with only the rear, I think they will not notice much change in
oil temps.  I did it, and it made NO difference in temp.  Now the question is
"why" do we need one it the nose anyway, except for cabin heet?  WE DON'T !
If/when I build another, I will do away with the nose cooler, and just use a
rear, elimiating a bunch of hose in the cockpit, and potential leaks.  With
the high pressure in the engine compartment, a much better (and faster)
exhaust heating arrangement can be made, and not be any unsafer then a
"tractor" configuration.