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Re: Oil cooler, EI/mags

Someone asked about the probability of a second oil cooler in TX.  Very
good.  I'm puting one on the firewall with ducting off my inlet scoop to
the plenum.  Prop suction should kill oil temp problems on the ground
during long waits.  Don't forget that your 245 F redline is based on old 
mineral oil and synthetics can supposedly handle 300 F.  I'm not saying to
run your engine above redline, but Duane told me a story about a guy that
had his oil temps at 300 F and had run it for 100 hours before fixing it. 
My temps get to about 230 on a hot day, but  run a chance to overheat on
extended taxis after already running.

On EI, I've had quite a few bad experiences in just a short time.  I often
look at my EI decision in retrospect and wish I had regular mags.  Maybe
when I get it up to snuff, I will become a much more enthusiastic advocate.
 One thing I will say to get is the Slick hot start contraption.  My engine
cranks right over when its hot and the flow divider and injector lines are
trapped inside my plenum.

Andy Judge