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Re: Rudder Talk

In a message dated 8/23/98 10:55:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
dmartin@cougar.netutah.net writes:

<< Question 2: Dale's post reads, "In the 173 RGE manual . . . the proper
 deflection is stated as being 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches..."  I looked up the
 rudder travel in my manual (it's right where you said it is, Dale) and my
 numbers are different than you state in your post.  Either the FGE is
 different than retractables, or I may have missed a KPC, because my manual
 reads, "Rudder only deflection is 3/4" - 1".
 Whatever the correct numbers are, Dale, thanks for raising this important
 issue in the reflector.
 All the best, >>

Thanks Dennis!

I had the occasion recently to meet up with Ed Schrufer with his very early
model Standard FG at San Carlos (SQL). I believe that he has recently
purchased it second hand from the Swings. We were looking over his rudder
cable connection and discussing ideas that had passed through the Reflector
recently about the cable fraying problem. As I hadn't really had a chance to
look at another Velocity rudder since I posted the request for info, I glanced
up and got all the info I needed. It looked as if he had 1 1/2 to 1 3/4"
(guesstimate) as my manual states should be proper. I think that a call to
Velocity would be in order. It might be different or maybe something changed
at the factory that didn't get noted. My original manual (RG) had sections
from the FG model that didn't jive with my kit. Maybe your manual has suffered
the same fate. It's amazing that with all the details and info that gets
passed along that MUCH more doesn't get lost in the process.

I talked with Kurt Winkler down in New Mexico about the amount of travel that
he was able to get. It seems that without major modifications to the internal
wing/winglet glass joint, 1 3/4" is about all that you are going to get.
According to what I heard from Dwayne (as related from Rutan) that is all that
is desired/needed. Anything else becomes speed brakes if both rudders applied
at once! Anybody want to venture a guess as to what will happen with that much
drag applied that far aft of CG? Kurt was very helpful describing his set-up
and we continue to spend much time discussing things.

Glad I could give something back to other builders...

Dale Alexander
173 RGE