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Re: CD player?

On Thu, 13 Aug 1998 23:55:27 -0500 "Chuck Caldarale"
<n828cl@ix.netcom.com> writes:
>Now for the silly question: what kind of CD players has anyone 
>What's out there?


First and foremost is the dimensions of the unit, if it is to be located
in the 'normal' place. That being in the lower far right hand side of the
panel. Get the shortest unit that you can. The unit that I have installed
in several panels, but still requires partial removal of the inner skin
where the outboard forward corner of the stereo "hits" (This
'indentation' actually is great in my opinion. Properly done, it supports
the back of the unit very nicely!) is the SONY EXCD 206. It has the
necessary pre amp outputs for interfacing to virtually all of the stereo
intercoms in the aircraft market, and is relatively inexpensive. Usually
under $200. They can be purchased at you local WalMart or from any other
Sony dealer. It is the same unit that was in the factory Elite, and is in
the XL, and Velocity will probably put one in the new SUV.

Don't buy a unit based on high end fidelity. What a waste of time. That
is like buying a high end quality Discman to use on a production floor of
a factory. If you are buying noise canceling headsets, that is even a
greater reason not to sweat the fidelity factor. Check out what happens
to the bass in the audio when the NC is turned on. Talk about washed!

For most aircraft, not just Velocity's, installing high dollar, quality
stereo equipment in them is like putting same into a Ford Pinto with a
rusted out muffler. Well, maybe not that bad, but the ambient noises and
acoustics in an airplane is NOT conducive to quality audio. Especially if
it is going to be washed out with ANR headsets.

SONY EXCD 206. I use it. I recommend it!

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