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Cabin Noise and Muffler

Dear friends, dear Velocity builders

Yes, we are building the Velocity 173 FG s/n93 in Switzerland and we have a
list of 
minor items to change, which was established by the engineer of RSA, the
Experimental Assotiation. 
As this is our first aircraft builders experience, this report which is
showing over 60 % 
of safety instructions, is a positive item to us. 

Yes, we had to alter the entire exhaust system as we would never achieve
the final 
flying permit without reducing the noise of the Velocity acft tremendously.

Yes, we have the silencer on the low pressure  - means the hot side. We
have no 
indication as yet, what it does to our temperatures resp. our cowling.
The cowling aereas nest to the exhaust system have been covered by
fiberfax, a 
ceramic tissue.

As a careful reader of the reflector I know that I should not be any longer
nor send 
too big files.  Therefore I will mail some pictures of this complex exhaust
system to all 
of you directly, if you let me know your personal e-mail-adress.

;-)}adieu, tschau, arrivederci, cheerio  ;-)}

Alfons Hubmann, PO-Box 6620, 3001 Berne, Switzerland