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Cabin Noise and Muffler

When I visited Sebastian last year, Scott gave me a ride.
Even though I don't have much experience with the light airplane,
the ride was very impressive and would have been perfect to me without the
cabin noise.
I know that every airplane, especially small airplane has, inherent noise.

Could any one who has experience with many other light airplanes (including
certified one such as Cessna 172) give me some comments on the noise level
of the Velocity?

Sound proof would help the noise reduction. But I still want more silence.
Is it possible to install muffler in the Velocity in an effort to reduce
the noise?
Is it worth?
I'm sure muffler will reduce the noise even though I don't know how much.
Muffler would not fit in the Velocity cowling.
I guess, however, there will a way to install it if we desperately want to. 
I can even consider modifying the cowling if it is worth.

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