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Re: Velocity vs SQ2000

At 03:28  98-07-30 -0400, you wrote:

>Mike Williams, one of my friends here in Woodbridge got swallowed up by their
>hype 3 years ago and went with SQ instead of Velocity. After all, it's
>cheaper, flies faster, looks better, faster to build, stronger, yatta, yatta,
>yatta. He never got his kit, and he lost his $5000.

Could you tell me how he lost $5000?
I saw demo video of SQ2000 flying. 
It flies O.K..
The Glassic co. looks bigger than the Velocity co..
I don't understand such a company let him lost as much as $5000.

>So even if (and I stress the "IF") The SQ2000 turns out to be a great plane,
>right now the company could be in deep trouble in the event of such a

The Velocity co. is still solid even though several Velocity have crashed
and at least one killed in Canada.

I'm not for SQ2000. I'm absolutely for Velocity. I just want to be fair.

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