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Pre-wired Electrical Systems

Well, it's here at last!

How about a pre-wired electrical harness for your gull winged door
Velocity! The standard system includes a pre-terminated electrical
harness, three terminal strips, clamps and screws for securing the
harness to your airframe, toggle switches, battery and starter solenoids,
and wing root disconnect plugs.

All harnesses are wired for the following systems:
a)	Battery master
b)	Alternator Regulator (Install a jumper on a terminal strip if
your regulator is 	built into the alternator.)
c)	Landing Light
d)	Nav (Position) Lights
e)	Strobe Lights
f)	Cabin and Map Lights
g)	Pitot Heat
h)	Electric Fuel Pump
i)	Left and Right Magnetos (Wiring included for one electronic
ignition system)
j)	Starter
k)	Turn Coordinator (without plug - power and ground made
available and can 	be used for various autopilot systems. i.e.
Navaid, S-Tec, etc.)
l)	Keep Alive (continuous +12 volts for clocks, stereos, cabin
lights, etc.)
m)	Primary ground wire to terminal strips from battery and engine
ground 		sources
n)	Power lead from the alternator to the circuit overload
protectors (60 amp 	wiring standard) 
o)	Power lead from the battery solenoid to the circuit oveload
protectors (60 amp 	wiring standard)
p)	4 ga. Starter power wire and Starter/Engine ground wire  

Included in the kit is:
q)	COMPLETE installation guide with photos, wiring diagrams, and
r)	extra heat shrink for insulating unused terminals
s)	misc. butt splices, spade connectors, and ring terminals for
interfacing 		harness to aircraft equipment.
t)	color coded "pull" wires for easy installation.
You will need to specify what size alternator you will be using if other
than 60 amps when ordering. Also, you will have to let me know if you are
building  an XL or the new single door Velocity.

Options available:
1)	Over 60 amp alternator wiring (up to 100 amps - no charge)
2)	Harness can be pre-wired for the Composite Design pre-wired
switch 	panel sold by Velocity (no charge)
3)	2 ga. Starter power wire and Starter/Engine ground wire ( add
4)	5/8" x 1 1/4" White rocker switches (bezel slightly larger)
(add $45.00)
5)	Panel labels for switches and circuit protection devices (add
6)	XL harness is $20.00 more.

Harness is pre-wired for a speed brake, the roll and pitch trim. The roll
trim switch is located on the instrument panel and the pitch trim switch
is pre-wired and terminated for the trim switch to be located in the grip
(switch and grip supplied by Velocity). Those of you who are getting the
new model Velocity, the pitch trim will be wired for both control wheels.

Any circuits not used can be insulated with heat shrink and stowed away
in the harness. (For future use?)

Wiring for the circuit protection devices will require user installed
termination. This does not apply to the Composite design switch panel.

Install time for the standard items supplied? 1 day ( +/- a beer or two!)
(Does not include time reading the instructions!)(You'd better believe
the first line inside the cover of the installation manual reads "READ
THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST!" Trust me, it'll save you a LOT of installation

All wires are labeled at both ends with permanent marker and white shrink
All wiring is MS 22759 -16/x/x or better
All switches supplied are Mil Spec (toggle)and/or DC current rated
Terminals (other than the Starter power and Starter/ Engine ground wire
terminals) are AMP PIDG terminals crimped with AMP approved crimpers for
those terminals. Un-insulated AMP terminals are used for the largest
gauge battery wires.

How much? $1,100.00 (options not included) That's the same as your cost
of materials and 7 days of your time (base on insurance allowed builder
rates) to design, layout, tie-up, secure, terminate, install the harness,
switches and solenoids, connect everything, then troubleshoot what
doesn't work! 

Shipping and handling not included. Taxes not included where applicable
Allow 4- 6 weeks delivery (I will try to stock one or two kits for quick

Sorry, no custom harnesses. (Maybe someday if I get REEAAAL hungry!)

Hadley Aircraft Services
1479 Ashboro Cir. S.E. 
Palm Bay, Fl. 32909-6628

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