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Re: Great Wings

Chris, Simon,

I also own a set of Alan's wings -- purchased for just the same reason.

Before I took Alan's Builder Course, I knew nothing about fiberglass. I was
amazed at how much time Alan took to share with me so many of the fiberglass
secrets he's learned over the years. I'm always amazed at the depth of his
knowledge. Alan is always there to offer help whenever I've had a question or
problem. This is evidenced by his frequent assistance here on the Reflector.
He's given me personal help and advice at least a dozen times during my building
process. I'm certain my plane is faster and safer because of it.

Meanwhile, Alan is constantly improving his product. The wings he sells today
are even better than the Great Wings I bought four years ago.

Alan Shaw is truly one of the Greats in the industry.

By the way...
I feel somewhat like a dropout from my graduating class. It seems everyone else
who started building back in '94 has flown by now. But I keep getting
distracted. Today I mounted Alan's wings to my fuselage for what I hope will be
the final time. Once I build and install the panel, I hope to be able to launch
this puppy and catch up with my class.

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor (Classic)