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Re: Position lights and strobes.

>At 01:58 AM 7/14/98 EDT, you wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>Well, I've just about finished with the filling of the bottom of one wing and
>>am fast approaching the point where I will have to finish out to the winglet
>>in the joint section. I will have to build a pad of some sort to accomodate
>>the position/strobes on the winglets.
>>My question: What units/manufactures have proved to be the best compromise
>>between ease of mounting and appearance. I looked at the Whelan units in
>>Aircraft Spruce but nothing caught my eye.
>>Anybody have a recommendation?
>>Dale Alexander
>>173 RGE
I built a flat area out of foam to "extend" the wing just past the winglet
for light mounting. (Like most others you see.)

I just installed the Whelen A413 power pack with 2 A600 position/strobe units.
I got mine at A Spruce. Those guys seem to be getting better. My service
from them lately has been pretty good.
 No problems. We hooked them up at night and tested them in the hangar. WOW.
Those comet flashes. The only thing that was missing was some Donna Summer
music and a nice cold one!!!

A while back some Whelen folks told me that they were going to make those
Strobe light covers (the thick clear lenses over the flash tubes) available
in red. I had always wanted to find a small streamlined red beacon for night
flying/taxiing. If any of you Oshkosh bound folks happen to pass the Whelen
booth could you ask them about that?


Dave Brown