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RE: Mild aerobatics, serious aromatics

> From: Al Gietzen [mailto:alventures@email.msn.com]
> Subject: serious aromatics
> Question 2; totally unrelated.  A while back I ran out of disposable vinyl
> gloves.  So did my local Home Depot store.  I was ordering some
> things from
> AS and decided to get some "Series 8 - The wash-off hand protection"  It
> says " highly recommended by Rutan Aircraft Factory for working with
> epoxies. It protects the hands from most epoxies, grease, oil paint,
> gasoline, tar, lacquer, acetone, styrene, fiberglass, etc."  I've
> been using
> a thorough coating of this stuff in place of gloves.  Less hassle and much
> more comfortable on hot days.  But how do I know it's really
> doing the job?
> Or will it be "Oh, _ _ _ _!" six months from now.  Anybody have info or
> long-term experience?

I started with Series 8, but got allergic reactions - to the Alphapoxy
resin! I switched to Invisible Gloves #1211 (also available through Spruce)
pretty quickly, and haven't had any problems for the last five years. (O.k.,
I'm slow.)

 - Chuck