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Re: First Flight

Way to go Scott,

At the risk of clogging up the reflector,
yes, I would be interested in your lo and improved hi-speed numbers.
CONGRATULATIONS and thanks for the encouragement.

Jeff Barnes

Scott & Glema wrote:
> ----------
> Although I've been silent on the reflector for the past 2 years.  I have
> learned much and
> have incorporated many of the reflector contributors suggestions into my
> plane.
> I thank all of you out there in helping me build my Velocity.
> Start date February 1996
> First flight July 7th 1998
> 2.5 years and 2250 hours of work.
> I have built a  std wing,fixed gear, elite, with big strakes
> Power is by a LIO-360 C1E6, 200hp
> Performance 3 blade prop  66-74
> Empty weight I'm ashamed to admit is 1441.5 lbs.  Heavy I know but I did
> add a few extras that added weight like a Engine halon extinguuisher
> system, full
> deluxe IFR panel, Fiberfrax firewall, larger wheels option, and a real nice
> interior.
> Engine overhauled by myself.
> First flight with a new plane and a new engine was to say the least quite
> interesting.  I went to Florida in late May to get checked out by Scott.
> 3 hours of circuits and I was fairly comfortable.  The first flight  went
> off without
> a hitch.  The only persistant problem I'm having is getting all the darn
> oil leaks
> out of the engine.
> STatic rpm 2200 on my first flight but the engine has loosened up a bit
> now and by my third flight I'm now getting 2300 static.
> Speeds with only the front wheel pant on are as follows.
> 2200 rpm  135kts
> 2400 rpm  155kts
> 2500 rpm  165kts which right now is full throtle.
> Oil temp was 210 degrees on climb out and 200 degrees in cruise.
> cylinder head temps.      1- 350degrees
>                         2- 394 degrees
>                         3- 390 degrees
>                         4- 396 degrees
>   Exhaust gas temps     1-4  all around 1280-1320degrees
> The aircraft is perfect, it flies smooth with only a slight wing heaviness
> on the right side.  The ball flies in the middle.
> I haven't done any canard stalls yet to see what the lower numbers are, but
> I'll let you know if your interested?
> I'm hoping to be at Oshkosh so come by and say hello.
> Ident C-GCGP
> Scott Keighan
> Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario