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Re: Standard/Franklin

Mike Watson wrote:

> I'm no cowboy but I like landing hot and flat. (85KIAS no chance of
> stalls)

I will never stall but at 55 knots in ground effect it will finally drop
straight down on all three.  For fourteen years now my typical "over the fence"
speed is 80 knots dead stick (fixed pitch prop and fixed gear) I roll the mains
on at 65 knots.  Fast landings are hard on brakes and nose gears...they can
also be dangerous.
In 60' I started bustn' cows at the age of 10 here in Florida.  In 76' I bought
the first Maule with a 540 and flew it straight down over the carribean to the
jungles of Costa Rica and used it to help build a big ranch.   I guess you
could call me a cowboy.

Alan Shaw