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Re: Insurance nightmare

Andrew L. Judge wrote:

>  Well here it is, I've spent 2 years of seemingly endless work to
> build a
> plane worthy of showing and I can't even insure it.  This is probably
> the
> most depressing news I've gotten during the building period, and I've
> had
> allot of it.  Avemco now requires that a pilot has at least 500 hours
> to
> get insured in a Velocity.  Beyond that, you need to go through the
> "factory program" and get checked out.  According to Avemco, it will
> be
> about 10 hours.  I forgot what they said about tech counselor and
> flight
> advisor.  Those rotton f#$! snakes (Avemco). I already went to the
> factory
> to get time in type for insurance and those filthy pricks changed the
> rules
> on me!  (I still highly reccomend it even if it is useless by
> insurance
> standards)  I also had an EAA Tech couselor and EAA flight advisor.
> (Still
> reccomend that too)
> Someone with more knowledge than I should talk to the EAA.  Where else
> will
> insure, as I think only  Avemco insures the first 10 hours.  I'm sure
> other
> companies will follow suit or raise prices to extremes.
> I guess my best bet is to cross my fingers, straighten up and fly
> right.
> Well I'm about two weeks from first flight and just brought my plane
> to the
> airport today. Wish me luck as I have about $70K of uninsured
> machinery
> taking to the skies during the most dangerous phase of flight testing.
> That will really get my blood pumping, I'll need oxygen just to watch!
> Andy Judge
> N55AJ  FGE

   I'm in the second year with Aviation Insurance Group (
   they gave me full coverage from zero hours and after 90 hours flight
time on
   my plane the rate droped 10 per- cent

   Mel Ball 173 RG E   IO-540