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Re: New Door Pivots

Fellow Velocity Builders:

I've had many responces and requests for the new door pivots and a couple of
negative comments on "selling" my ideas.  I have sent a complete kit (minus
new pivot ball mounts)  to Mark Machado from Velocity West for evaluation
and feed-back.  When complete, he will address the group of his opinion on
the system.  Please do not call Mark as he will not comment untill after the
installation is finished. Based on his recomendation, you can decide if
you'd like to buy the retro-fit kit.  

At risk of being unpopular with other builders:  I will not just send the
pictures or drawings on the net.  Certainly, I can not controll other
builders from duplicating the idea after seeing my originals and building it
themselves.  My hope is, that by offering quality pieces at affordable
prices, builders will tend to buy from me and spend their time inventing
something I've always wanted, but was too lazy to build or too dumb to see. 

I appollgize if this doesn't set well with certain people and can only offer
my explanation for my basis of decision.  As self-employed mechanical
engineer, I have to enter every new development as a potential revenue
generating venture.  BELIEVE ME! I will not be sitting on the beach of Bora
Bora next year sipping drinks while I recount all the CASH I made on these
types of ideas.  On the contrary, it may provide some gas money to get to
the next air show (can you say "WILL FLY FOR FOOD"). 

When and if your interested in buying here is the info needed for ordering:

My address:
Nate Calvin
2624 E Bergeson St.
Boise, Idaho 83706

208.454.4486 days
208.890.4546 cel
208.345.9243 home

Machined AL Door Pivots:
Available Now!

Replacent Door Gas Spring:
The new gas springs are only 11 inches long at full length and less than 8"
when compressed. They are lighter, smaller diameter and two of them combined
weigh less than one of the original springs.  Secondly, the new gas springs
are dampened in both directions and therefore dont attempt to "spring" the
door open. Pricey, but worth every bit of it!
Available NOW!

Add $10.00 anywhere in US 48 ground UPS.
Express frieght or over seas, call for quote.

Send check or M/O to address above or call me and I can process a CC over
the phone.

BAD NEWS:  Currently, I can not get access to the supplier for the Pivot
ball mounts required for the new gas springs.  The diameter of the ball is
less than that required by the factory supplied gas spring.  You can either
chose to wait untill I get supplies (no ETA) or use the factory ball mounts
by taking them to a machine shop to be undercut to the correct diameter.
Factory ball mounts are .39 in. diameter (I think) and the new springs
require .31 in. diameter.

Nate Calvin