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Re: N6Q Trim & Antennas


>  > The elevator rides up 1/2" and N6Q is built "per the plans".
> Why don't you just send your wing and canard guages to Duane?

Good advice!
Remember Rick Lavoie's first flight? It was described in Velocity Views several
issues back. Turned out Rick's canard was set at the wrong incidence angle.
There may have been a bad batch of canard gauges shipped out.

> > For the record, I have very simple RST antennas (just like the plans --
> > N6Q's antennas works great
> The day after I finished closing out my Com 1 & 2 and Nav 1 & 2 antennas
> from Martin, I had Dave Black come over and check them out with his SWR
> meter. They looked pretty good, didn't they Dave?

As I say, RST style antennas CAN work nicely. Some don't. Mine were in the
latter category, and I've seen others which were worse. All supposedly built "by
the book." It's lots easier to test your antennas before you close them in than
to perform major surgery later.

> By the way, I rolled my primer on, no pin holes. Dave didn't. I sort of had to
> used my roller at times as a squegee.

If I had it to do over, I'd definitely roll my primer on. You simply can not
spray over pinholes, and filling them takes quite a while. Never mind the mess a
roller makes, you're going to sand most of the primer off anyway.

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor