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Re: More on fuses.

  Looking in the 1995 P&B Data Book, the W23 and W31 breakers "Cannot be
reset against overload". The W33 rocker style is "Trip free". The W28 and
W58 are "push to reset only". The last two mention a "Resettable overload
capacity" of from 6-10X rated current depending on the rating. What exactly
does this mean?    Bill

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Date: Friday, April 10, 1998 4:58 PM
Subject: More on fuses.

Jim Glindemann brings up a good point about "trip free" breakers.  If you
look up circuit breakers in the DigiKey catalog it doesn't tell if they are
"trip free" or not.  Know what you're getting!  I had a friend tell me a
tale about how he got a malfunctioning landing gear down by holding in a
circuit breaker.  There are a lot of older aircraft around that still have
these breakers installed.  If your wondering if what he did was a good idea
or not, ask yourself the question, "Would I rather land gear up or have an
in-flight fire?".