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Re: Engines

> It is coming down to the point where I need to make an engine decision.
> IO-360-  Reliable and plentiful,

Every mechanic in the world knows them. The most tested and proven in the
Velocity. The Velocity was designed around this engine.

> Franklin-  Sounds great!,  but I am a little leary about starting with a brand
> new distributor

I'd worry less about the distributor than the engine and especially its
installation in the Velocity. But it is a real aircraft engine, and they have
proven reliable so far. But, there's the question of service and parts in the

> IO-540    Mel Ball is flying one of these.  And I have a great source on
> thisengine,  but I have not yet heard any info on this installation.

Also a well-proven and reliable engine that mechanics know. But its installation
in the Velocity may not have matured yet.

> Subaru-  Some areas of the Subaru installation sound very
> promising, some I'm not so sure..

It COULD become a good engine. I have nothing against auto-conversions. I
seriously considered one myself. But I was not at all happy with the current
state of development of the conversion itself, not to mention its installation in
the Velocity.

> This is my first build,  so I don't feel like being an engine test case,

That rules out the Subaru!

To me, it comes down to this:

Do you want something you can just put together and trust with your life, or do
you want something to tweak on for some time to come? Remember that your life
will hang on the engine you choose.

In summary:
The IO-360 is the most proven of any in the Velocity.
The IO-540 and Franklin are genuine aircraft engines with great potential.
The Subaru is still in development. Come back in five years.

So if you want more than the IO-360, are willing to accept the increased risk of
an unproven installation, and have a good source of the IO-540, I'd go with that

Safe flying,
Dave Black
Shortwing RG Unidoor