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Andrew L. Judge wrote:
> I hope to make it in my plane, but it is getting very close.  My test pilot
> would have to fly it on the windy days to get sufficient hours.  It is no
> problem for him since he is an ex millitary pilot (F-4, F-16).  How's the
> building going?  Do you plan on OSH?
> Andy Judge
> N55AJ  Std. FGE

I hope you make it to.

Except for the wings and winglet, my plane is in prime and finished back 
to the firewall, electical, avionics, and leather seats.

Still needs:  1. The rest of the upolstery.
              2. The tops of the wings are finished and primed.
The                      bottoms of the wings and the winglet need a
                 more sanding and micro. They are upside down now on my 
                 deck with the tips of winglets hanging just above the
                 ground. My deck is 30" above the ground.
              3. The Shaw Alerons need to be attached. The rudders cut
                 off and finished.
              4. Hope to order an engine at Oshkosh. Then cowl
and                       engine mounting.
Carl Hoffman
So far I haven't found a ride to Oshkosh. I'll either drive or fly to
Chicago and rent a car.