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Re: N6Q Flight test -- 10 hr status report


> One of the common errors that has caused slow airspeed and inadequate
> pitch trim is the difference in incidence of the canard (which is usually
> out) and the wing. With just a few degrees difference between the two, even a
> 1/2 to 1 degree error in the canard can make a difference. This is one of the
> few really critical areas of construction if speed is the quest.

I recently sent my wing and canard gauges to the Factory for a calibration
check. They both checked OK, but when I received them back, a staple had pulled
from one end of the wing gauge, leaving the "C" loose and unreliable. My canard
gauge was designed to fit the Factory canard as opposed to my Shaw canard, so I
was forced to use shims whenever making canard measurements.

Could such problems be the source of these common incidence errors?

Dave Black
SW RG Classic (TopDoor)