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[Fwd: Re: ROTARY PH. #] ..Engine that is

Ohhhhh !  I just DID get the reflector posting that you sent just b/4
this one, and now I understand (and I'm having a real good laugh at
myself) that you're responding with the Phone# of the Rotary Engine guys
I asked for. So thanks for the Ph#.

	That's a stitch...I was thinking Rotary Telephone (yeah, I'm that old)
and since I've been in data processing for 30 yrs, I know their harder
to use with modems than std pulse-tone phones.  Duh !

	I've been working all nite & forgot I asked for the number:  

        It's really for everyone's benefit, cuz while I'll probably go
Lyc IO540, a builder friend Ron Needham is keen on the chevy (mainly for
cost, but I know the LT1 can easily be tricked out to 340hp or so with
bolt-on stuff), Mark Machado's results aren't published yet. 

	Not that I don't like the LT1: my wife & I each have Chev ImpalaSS &
I've got a Tahoe, the engines really go & I've got the heavy slow
versions (250 & 260hp).  If Mark does come up with a viable/reliable
bolt-on 300hp engine for $7-10,000 grand less than a Don George
zero-time, I know I'd have to think hard about the LYC.

	BUT IF I were to go automotive, I'd to consider a rotary as something
that's has flight history, is way simpler mechanically, lighter, way
less cowling needed, and can go way over 340hp with about same or better
relative ease (NOT that we'd need it except to race Lancairs and Alan
Shaw's Std300) and with probably less strain & self-destruction on the

	Which raises other questions about pushing that VNE...we "occasional"
builders can't just whip up a batch of super-strong/extra-lite carbon
fiber wings nor have the velocity experience to know how to thin down &
toe in/out winglets for that extra 50 knots.

Regards, Jeff

---- Begin included message ----
Robert C Gammon wrote:
> Jeff I tried sending you info thru the reflector but again it came back
> to me.
> I'll see if this gets thru. On a handout sheet that I got from one of the
> guys at Velocity supper(the first one that talked) their Ph. is
> listed(810)229-2082 Phone/fax (8am-12pm est) and their E. mail add. is
> www.terf.com
> As for my messages coming back, the service gives lots of possible
> reasons why, but not understanding computers (just using them) I don't
> always figure thing out quickly.
>   Hope this gets thru.
> Bob Gammon 173 RG Elite DMO 296
> Wichita, Ks. 67211
> bgamm11@juno.com
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> Get completely free e-mail from Juno at http://www.juno.com
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Well Hi Bob !

	You're probably doing what I've been doing with a few reflector
'kick-backs' (most notably beilby@ice.net.au, whose ISP, ice.net in
Perth Australia, treats all our postings as "junk mail").

	Well, I got this email and I hope you didn't get too many kickbacks for
"jcbarnes@ibm.net" or else I have a service problem with IBM... there
has been an occasional but infrequent outages.

	I don't quite understand the reference to a hand-out at Velocity
supper: is THAT persons address at www.terf.com ? 

	 What's "ROTARY PH #" ?  Were/are you trying to get your modem to work
with one ?  If so, you did it, or if you need advise on doing so, call
me at 914 679-4600 ir 914 679-3419 this week.

	Maybe you can send me those postings that kicked back with my address
on it so I don't miss out on any good stuff !

Best Regards,
Jeff Barnes
XL-RG N411JB a-buildin'
---- End included message ----