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Remote mount oil filter at a reasonable price.

I know that some of you have seen the remote oil filter that I have
installed on my engine in the oil cooler line.  It came from the a team
Mazda that raced at LaMans and when I asked the driver and team leader
that gave it to me how it would stand up to 100# oil pressure he laughed
and said "when our oil pressure got down to 100# the engine was shot",
enough said.  I have spent months tracking down the company that makes
them and I have finally found them.  

Canton Racing Products
North Branford, CT
Orders - (203) 484-4900, Tech Line - (203) 484-7542

Now the good part, these filters are machined from light weight aluminum
extrusions with solid aluminum machined top and bottom covers that are
O-ring sealed and bolted on with stainless steel bolts.  The are mounted
with a very heavy duty stainless steel clamp.  I strongly recommend the
#25-150 unit which has 3/4" N.P.T. bottom inlet and side outlet ports to
keep restriction to a minimum.  You can get AN-8,10, & 12 fittings so
you can use some really big lines if you want to.  It gets better, with
the 8 micron filter element this filter is flow rated at "45 G.P.M. of
hot oil with no loss of pressure!".   What does this gem cost?  The list
is $128 and the racer price is $80 (maybe a little less).  I just called
them for some elements and a 6 pack case list is $112, racer $70 & they
charged me $60 for the case.

 The elements are unique also, they are perforated steel inside and out
with snap off caps (requires a screwdriver to snap them off) so you can
remove the inter liner and the roll of filter element which you unroll
and inspect the trapped contaminates.   I tried this today and it takes
about 1 minute.   Unlike most filters that are made with paper elements
these use a special synthetic fiber that provides much greater filtering
capacity.  The elements are not destroyed by moisture and will not
rupture from pressure surges.  They do not require a bypass valve since
they have much greater capacity than normal filters.  The CM-45 element
which this filter uses has a street life of 20,000 miles and a track
life of 1000 miles. One thousand track miles at 8,000-12,000 RPM should
easily translate to a conservative 25 hour oil change interval.

For those of you really intent on protecting your engine, this company
even has engine pre-oilers so you don't have dry starts ($150-250).

// James F. Agnew
// Tampa, FL
// Velocity 173 FG Elite ( http://www.VelocityAircraft.com/ ) under