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Al wrote "In the piece you wrote for the January issue of CSA Newsletter
you say "I
don't recommend Alphapoxy", but don't say why.  I'd like to know since it
came with my kit (I guess as 'Velocipoxy') and I've used it with
microballoon for small filling jobs."

I really didn't write that for the CSA newsletter.  I posted that on the
canard aviator's list and
Terry asked for my permission to put it in the CSA newsletter. I wrote it
quickly and it isn't very
complete as far as I can remember.  I wrote that because there was a person
who insisted he did
tests over the course of a week or two, then began soliciting other
subscribers to do the same as
him.  This person advised everyone to use evercoat eveywhere, even after at
least five people
briefly warned against it.  Bad, bad, very bad.  That's about the worst
advice I've ever heard.
Thus, that letter was born.

As far as the problems I had with the velocipoxy (alphapoxy), is the age
old problem as
mentioned in Velocity Views and the video.  It gets hard spots with
subsequent applications.
These hard spots tend to crumble rather than sand, leaving depressions and
imperfections.  It's
nothing that can't be fixed, but I found it to be troublesome when West
doesn't do that.  It has
nothing to do with adhesion.

Andy Judge