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roll trim, pitch trim


I use the roll trim typically once or twice each flight.  Just enough to 
null out passsengers, baggage (if any) and uneven fuel loading.  You may 
remember from discussions of old that many fuel systems drain one tank 
more before the other, for what ever reasons.

Also, I have alot of friction in my stick, on purpose, so when I move it 
a little from neutral, it tends to stay there.  This, of course, is 
greater than the roll trim, but less precise.  So I tend to use both 
during flight.  

Overall, a little roll trim is helpful, and I wouldn't want it to be 
ground adjustable as I never seem to know ahead what is going to be 
today's status.

Also, I have an extra washer under the left wing to correct for gross 
differences from side to side.

As for the pitch spring.  I have, at times, really pulled back hard on 
that thing.  I mean really hard, such that I can barely hold it there for 
a length of time.  This, of course, makes that stall condition nearly 
impossible to maintain for any length of time.  The spring shows no signs 
of wear at the last annual (Feb).

Lastly, a pair of giant "chip clips" works great to prevent rudders 
flapping in the breeze.  

One more thing.  I finally decided, after getting mad and stirring up the 
doooo myself, that the factory's shortcomings is just "part of the 
challenge" of building a homebuilt.  If you knew what David Jackson went 
through (kit number 12 I believe), you would be amazed, and he has 
hundreds of hours on his now.

Hope this all helps.
Bob Ginsberg - Velocity N173BG - Big Ape Gyms