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Re: Rudder cables

Martin wrote:
By the same token, he 'fixed" our (his words left me with
>the impression "cheap") roll trim system by using a Mac servo arrangement
>as I recall. He even wrote about it in one issue of the Velocity Views.
>Since he has not yet flown, but is close to it as I understand, I am most
>interested in how much superior his roll trim setup is going to be over
>what is in and has been in Velocity aircraft for years and years. In the
>end, cost / performance comes into play. Unless I hear otherwise, when it
>comes down to bang for the buck, my guess is he will have a lot more buck
>than bang over the currently used system. I'm sure he will let us know
>after he starts flying.
  Although Dave was named I think Martin had my article in mind as I had
originally proposed the MAC servo in VV#5. Dave's improved version was in
VV#8. My comment on the Velocity system was "I didn't like the slippage in
the original setup, and I wanted to get a position indication." Hardly as
derogatory as Martin claims.
  My apolgies to others on the Reflector but I've kept (somewhat) quiet in
the past and I'm feeling mean. Sorry Martin but I don't have your belief
that you or Velocity is infallible. The design is good but there is room for
improvment. There may be other, perhaps even better ways to do things. I am
tired of your sniping at myself and others. In any case I am building my
plane to suit my own desires. I can't get that from a Cessna and I don't
want a bare bones Velocity.
  If you want to talk bang for the buck, I'm getting much more by buying
components and installing them than by buying prewired switch panels. Enough
to pay for many MAC servos. My choice- there's no need for anyone else to do
that if they don't want to spend the time in research and labor. I notice
you're using the W28 breakers I had talked about in the PREW. Where were you
when I asked if anyone had experience with them?
  Afterburner off-    Bill