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Re: no rudder landings


Back when I first started flying N113JG, I was in a flight of two Velocities,
after crossing over behind lead, I encountered prop wash and immedietly
a terrible vibration, not knowing  where or what the source of this very
extreme vibration, I closed the throttle and started looking for a field to
land the aircraft. I noticed that closing the throttle did not dampen the
vibration, the airship continued to shake.

I started to increase the power, I found that the incresed RPM at some level
smoothed the engine roughness, at this point my descent was arrested and after
looking around I made the decision the return back to the field. I requested a
Straight in to the longest runway which incidentally was down wind but I  knew
that when I touched down I would have no trouble stopping the velocity in the
remaining distance.

I flew to the runway keeping slightly high, I did'nt want to land short,  I
lowered the gear deployed the speeed brake at high key, when I cut power, back
came this horrific vibration, I had to make a quick decision land hot with
power or take a chance on shaking something loose. I flew the aircraft on to
the center line of the runway cut power and braked to a stop, I had to taxi
with power, to minimize vibration, I rode the brakes to slow the aircraft
until I got to my hangar.

Examining the aircraft I found the prop was missing about six inches off one
the motor mounts were shot, and one leg of the engine mount was cracked.
both rudder cables  had been broken, they had departed when the incident first
occured. Landing on the runway center line was easy, just required a little
more work.