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Rudder Cables

     As I understand it, Nico fittings in the range we are talking about are
only about 30 % as strong as the cable they are holding. Thus, it would take 3
Nico's (correctly installed ) to reach full rudder cable strength.  There are
some cable end fittings out there ( commonly used in sailing) that retain 100%
of the strength of the cable it is used on.  These fittings probably would not
work on external rudder horns due to space constraints, and will require
additional room on the internal rudder horn setup.  I have planned for this
setup in my 173. Other than planning for it,  you need to have a professional
cable shop make the ends for you as it requires about 20 tons of pressure to
fit the ends.  They then test the connections to insure a good fit,  and
you're on your way.  Total cost.... about $40.00. Well worth it to me and Im
glad I started with this plan hearing Jeans story.    

Be good,  Be safe    
Kurt Winker