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Re: Canard Alignment

> That dimension sounds about right.
> When I discovered my asymmetry, I chose to make the canard wingtip to strake-tip
> distance equal on both sides. I doubt it really matters, though. Rather than
> using washers, I added thickness to the bushing and added additional plywood
> thickness for support. Of course, that was in the days when the whole canard
> bulkhead was made of plywood anyway.

Okay.  I've taken the same measurements as you then.  I'm concerned
about a torque through the lift tab bushing.  If the lift tab
is spaced four washers away from the lift bearing bushing, is
that okay?  The last thing I want is to rip out that bushing
in turbulence.

I could lay up a pad of triax with some webbing down the front side
of the CB that would be in tension.  This should arrest the torque
that I'm concerned about.

Do you think it's necessary?  I could do it, but if all it's going
to do is add weight, then I'd rather not.  Of course there is the
peace of mind factor.

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