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Hello all,


Well it's time to start planning the upholstery. After some months of looking into some cheaper alternatives than Oregonaero, and also look at a local shop so they can take care of the seats AND the interior, and to promote flying in the local economy, I found an upholstery shop that seems very helpful and interested. 


Today, they came out to make some measurements for the interior. Now, you say, that seems a little quick, and yes it is. But in order to keep the colors of the leather hides the same, I must order them all at the same time. That means I need to know how many. In any event, the pictures I had sent to them earlier this month did not give them a complete picture, and so they decided to come pay a visit. This afternoon we stood around the fuselage in my garage, where I had been sweating the whole day in the heat (another scorcher in TN), and we discussed the appearance, and how to make changeovers in colors (we will have a grey and burgundy interior), and how to attach it all, and of course make it accessible for later on.


One of the questions that came up was the window coverings and how to attach them. I came up with Velcro, but I told them that I would ask the experts on the forum how they did it. Soooo ....... .....  How did you all do it ??


Also, what other hints and tips can you all give us that you believe are important. I have still quite some time before the interior will be done, but we are getting a headstart on the seats, to make Mamma and the kids happy and throw them a bone.... Plus the seats have been standing in a corner collecting dust, just waiting to be finished. It will be another tickmark on the long list.


Thanks for your support in this.


Patrick Sieders

Nashville TN

XLFG-5 building... and building......

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