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They never went into production so they never asked for a deposit.  The PZL Franklin unadorned at the time was $14000 new.  The choice was between a pipe dream and reality.

Larry Coen

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Did you request/receive a return of your deposit from Deltahawk?
For those who placed deposits with Deltahawk "back then" based on a quoted price, and who continue to wait for a Deltahawk delivery ... has Deltahawk agreed to honor the quoted price in effect at the time of order?
I understand Deltahawk is packaging the engine with a factory engine installation package, driving the combined engine/install kit cost through the $60K roof.
I wonder if this marketing policy is still in effect??
Just curious.
Scott B.

On 5/31/2015 5:53 PM, Laurence Coen via Reflector wrote:

  I had a position to buy a Deltahawk before it was called Deltahawk, in June of 1995.  I think it was called Universal Tech at the time.  The quoted price was $12500 with a $3000 deposit when they started production in September.  I bought a Franklin instead.

  Larry Coen
  Former N136LC

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