REFLECTOR: GPS Antenna - External/Internal

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Fri Feb 6 12:20:33 CST 2015

My Velocity Std/RG (DMO-249) came with a Trimble GPS that still works well.

I am currently wrapping up a lost of restoration work I have been doing on the aircraft to bring it back into service and one of the things I was looking at addressing was the externally mounted GPS antenna. Most everyone mounts them inside and shoot through the glass which had me wondering why (in this age of composites) would you mount it externally in the first place.

I happened upon a post in the reflector archives that mentioned that the early fuselages used U.S. Paints 545 White for the primer (zinc oxide) to create a better radar profile (which was a rather strange goal.) As such, I am assuming that this could explain the location of the antenna. 
Does anyone know if this is a correct assumption?
If that is the case, I would assume that it could be relocated under the canard cover without any issue.

T Mann
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