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Mike,  Good to hear from you.  I remember our flight in Little Rock
well.  Beautiful day.  I have a factor 0 time Mt that I uses but
replaced with an AeroComposite after 300 + hours secondary to runway
debris damage to the blades.  Our runways are rarely swept.  I completed
my 13,000 mile trip around the US border this summer in the Velocity.
Glad to hear you are still pursuing a Canard.  The AeroComposite is
great (smoother, better climb and 6 to 8 knot faster in cruise) but
expensive and two month wait a year ago.




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Docotor D,


What prop did you go with? I have entered into an agreement to purchase
a completed XLRG and wouldn't mind considering a prop change. 


Mike Wilson

Maumelle Arkansas

Having Proudly Flown in 129RD


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Anybody needing an MT prop I still have a 0 hrs rebuilt one for sale.


Start the year off right. Easy
ways to stay in shape in the new year. 

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