REFLECTOR: Jeffco or not?

Grigore Rosu grigore.rosu at
Mon Jan 28 00:34:00 CST 2008

I'm about to install the bulkheads in my first strake and therefore I'll
soon need to worry about the fuel tank.

1) Should I use Jeffco or not?  The manual sounds as if Jeffco is optional
...  If I should use it, where can I get it from?  (I can do a random search
on the internet, but perhaps there are some better avenues that you may have
encountered so far).

2) Do I need an altimeter to test the fuel tank?  I have none, but the
messages I could find in the reflector archive on this subject mention an
altimeter.  BTW, can I test each tank in isolation, or they need to be both
installed first and checked together?

3) Should I finish the first strake (including installing the upper strake)
and then move to the other one, or it is better to also install the lower
strake on the other side and its bulkheads, then do both tanks at the same
time, and then install both upper strakes at the same time?  Note that I can
only install one wing at a time in my garage.  The flow-chart that came with
my manual says that the wing can be removed once the lower strake is
installed ... I'm a bit reluctant to do so though, because I'm affraid the
torsion generated by the spar may be too big without the upper strake.

Thank you,
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