REFLECTOR: Shipping a Prop

Wed Jan 23 12:54:10 CST 2008

How are you guys shipping your 3 blade fixed props? I'm running into
rejections from USPS, UPS, and FEDEX for being oversize.


I did ship my prop back to Catto Props in March 2007 via USPS for $48. And
it came back to me from Catto in April, again via USPS for $49.

But now the Post Office has a new parcel rating system since May 2007, and
it is rejecting the prop as oversize. 

I talked to the post office that Craig Catto is using to ship his props out.
They are measuring the props in a non-standard way to get them through the

My post office manager got audited for something similar and got his hand
slapped, so he will not be flexible. 


UPS says they can't ship the prop because it is considered freight because
of its size. They do have a freight company that quoted $503 to ship the


FEDEX has similar oversize issues. 


Craig Catto says he is getting props returned via UPS and FEDEX. So how are
you guys pulling it off?????


Thanks for any leads you may have.


Bob Trent 

Midland, Michigan

66 x 74  3 blade Catto prop



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