REFLECTOR: Experiance required to fly a Velocity

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Speaking as one who went from a 201 Mooney to the Velocity I found the general flight characteristics and control responses of the two planes to be vary similar. The only real difference that I found was the higher landing speed of the Velocity.

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I have a potential buyer for my Velocity who is concerned that it may be too fast or difficult to fly.  I think he is highly qualified, but then I may be biased.  He is 65 and has 2147 hours in the following aircraft (in order of most recent): C172, RV4, Mooney Ranger, Mooney 231, Rockwell Commander, Piper Arrow I and II, and a Citrabra.  I would appreciate comments from those of you flying a Velocity as to how your checkout went and how it is to fly.  I will pass the comments on to him and let him think it over. 

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