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A Velocioty was stolen several years ago via a scam in the area of Lakeland, FL. A man wanted to show the plane to his partners and thev owner allowed the plane to leave and the plane and the man were never seen again.

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  As most of you know my Standard RG is for sale and I thought you may be interested in what can happen.  I have sold a few cars over the years and found that people can be strange.  With an airplane it can be even more interesting.  I received my third scam attempt today.  The email states that his client in Malta will buy my airplane and wire me the money, please send the information on my bank account.  Another one from Greece wanted to send $85k, 10% for a down payment and the rest for me to handle shipping.  Send bank info. 

  The last "buyer" was from Vancouver but staying in Tucson.  He spent a great deal of time checking out the airplane and wanted a ride.  After the ride he's now not available by phone or email.  I'll keep trying. 

  Mel Bina 


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