REFLECTOR: upload photo question

Brian Michalk michalk at
Sat Jan 12 12:11:36 CST 2008

Thanks, Steve.
It doesn't appear that there is any movement since a month ago on this 

Steve Goldman wrote:
> Matt Bucko wrote:
>> How do I upload a photo to tvbf?
> I think that since the "upgrade" to the latest phpGraphy you can't do 
> it yourself anymore because of security issues (like you need to know 
> the root password). I think until they fix that bug you have to send 
> the photo(s) to Brian and he can put it on line.
> To some degree it'd almost be worth downgrading to the previous verion 
> of phpGraphy except it had very serious security issues (i.e. it is 
> easily hackable) so I think for a while things are stuck in this 
> inconvenient stage. I thnk the last email from Brian was that this was 
> close to the top on bugs to be fixed by the developer.
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