REFLECTOR: priming "how to"?

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Darn! And I was hoping that with today's weather winter was finished!  

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Since in IL there will be a few more months of temperatures below 75F, a primer that can cure at lower temperatures could probably make more sense in my case.  Searching aircraftspruce, I found the following one:  
It cures at temperatures down to 35F! 
Do you think this one may work well, too?  If you see any drawbacks in using it please let me know; I can just wait a few more months and then apply the more common awlgrip 545. 
Thank you, 
On Jan 7, 2008 5:40 PM, Steve Goldman <steve at> wrote:  
> Al Gietzen wrote:  
> >  
> >  
> > These primers are 'sandable', and you will need to sand to about a 400  
> > grit finish before putting on a top coat.  However; it is good to leave  
> > unsanded until you are ready for final paint because once you sand off  
> > the gloss surface it is more likely to absorb contaminants (like oil and  
> > finger prints) that are diffictult to clean up.  You are likely to find  
> > that for a first coat over fiberglass you may want to first use a 'high  
> > build' primer to fill pinholes and surface imperfections.  You can use  
> > either a good urethane or expoxy primer for this coat. Most of this will  
> > get sanded off before applying the final coat of expoxy primer.  
> So I'm curious what high build primers people have used other than  
> Smooth Prime. I'm thinking based on what I've read that I don't want  
> to try and use Smooth Prime here in a high humidity state.  
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