REFLECTOR: Altimeter v. Airspeed

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The later kits came with eccentric torque tubes for the elevators which have 
an off set which allows the tube going through the fuselage to rotate 
without swinging up and down.  You can get a pretty tight fit using it.  I 
also built up the outside of the fuselage to create a negative air pressure 
at this opening.  It is basically built up to be thicker in front of the 
torque tube and a depression behind the torque tube.  This will minimize the 
air coming in through that area.

Of course you will also need to blank off the area between the top of the 
canard and the canard cover.  The only way to effectively heat the inside of 
the Velocity is to keep the cold air out.  It can be done!


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> Interesting that yours is tight, I've got all kinds of air leaks. I've
> not been overly concerned as most flying is in Florida. Curious though,
> the worst leak is the large holes where the canard elevator tubes rotate
> up and down with pitch inputs. There has to be a gap between the tube
> and fuselage for elevator movement, how do you keep that area from 
> leaking??
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