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Stainless steel for the most part- I got mine from Wicks- pretty reasonable-
not sure why the kit does not come with it really.

We do have a slight advantage, in that the flames would tend to flow away
from our firewalls, but that aluminum will soften and dislodge pretty fast I
would think-  stainless is the way to go Doug- I have a good  air powered
nibbler you can borrow to cut the stuff- pretty difficult with snips- until
you get down to just trimming off thin slivers- just let me know.- I would
like to come by and visit your project anyway!





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What do they use in aluminum airplanes?

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Lighter... and it melts almost instantly in a fire.  I saw some info on an
aluminum air box and one made out of SS. In a fire, the aluminum box melted
completely, the SS box held together fine. The box was a hot air diverter
for cabin heat. Good demo on why a  heat shield should not be aluminum.
Fire could be from burning fuel or oil, electrical, or an exhaust leak
spewing hot gas onto the shield. 


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Why wouldn't I use 1/16" aluminum instead of 1/16" stainless steel to cover
the fiberfrax on my firewall? It's lighter.


Doug Holub


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