REFLECTOR: Odyssey batteries

Tom tomcat05 at
Fri Jan 4 20:02:10 CST 2008

Thx guys---sounds like the 925 is the way to go. I was split between 
that and the PC1200. I measured and it would fit (actually smaller than 
the wally world 55 amp that is in there). The current battery is 31.4 
lbs and the pc925 odyssey is 24 to 26 lbs depending on whose website 
info you believe and the 1200 is 37 to 39 lbs. Although the 1200 would 
reduce needed ballast when flying solo, the 925 would give me a better 
cg with a heavy front seat passenger. I can always add and subtract 
ballast but I don't intend to change batteries to put a very large 
passenger in right seat.. Tom

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