REFLECTOR: Blue Mountain Avionics issue update

Alex Balic velocity_pilot at
Fri Jan 4 17:14:53 CST 2008

I have obtained the services of an Attorney here in Dallas that will be
pressing our case with BMA- I have the list of all who are/were interested
in getting what they paid for from Greg and company, and I have been
requested to compile a more or less official list with name, address,
contact phone, purchase date, serial number of the unit, and price paid for
the equipment. This process will begin with a demand letter, and progress
from there- I am confident that the Attorney- who's business is 50% aviation
related will be able to do the job- please contact me off list at
velocity_pilot at   The direction at this point is to get us ( best
case)  a direct trade of our "old technology" for the current, G4 unit which
seems to have the bells and whistles that we have already paid for, worst
case- full refund on our gold box units towards purchase of the  G4. I
believe this will cause the least amount of stress on everyone including



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