REFLECTOR: Aileron control cables

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I know that the factory was working on a push rod/bell crank system for the
Rocket Racer- would be an interesting modification for us regular folks as
well- no word from the factory as far as including this as a factory mod
yet- Scott Baker might be able to chime in on this one- I looked into it -
seems doable, and ball bearing rod end linkage would surely have less slop
and smoother function than the cables..



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Has anyone ever tried a different control cable? I have just finished
installing the factory original aileron control cable and I am not at all
satisfied with the amount of force needed to move the ailerons. The force
required to move the cables even disconnected is unacceptable. I have found
a new type of cable from Teleflex CC693-5 that is a direct replacement but
has a better feel and less lost motion. Just wondering if anyone has used
these before. 

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