REFLECTOR:Oil Congealing Problems in Lines to Front Cooler

Dave Black
Sun, 30 Nov 2003 00:43:52 -0500


> Are people who live up north having any problems with oil congealing in the
> long lines that run up to the forward oil cooler?  Since the full flow of
> oil is diverted to the forward oil cooler before it is circulated back
> through the standard engine oil cooler (at least on the IO-550N) and into
> the engine, it would seem that if the oil did congeal in the forward oil
> cooler (or in the lines on the way there) during a cold climate engine
> start, it could prevent proper engine lubrication and cooling for a VERY
> long time until the oil in the forward cooler finally warmed up.  Has anyone
> observed this or had problems like this during cold weather ops?

Rick Lavoie had this problem. Unfortunately he is not on the Reflector. I
believe he handled it by going to larger oil lines. 

If I were building today, I'd put the primary oil cooler in the rear, and a
secondary oil cooler INSIDE THE CABIN, along with a small blower to push the
cabin air through it. I'd include a valve to choose how much oil goes where.
This system will heat the cabin better, cool the engine better, weigh less,
and simplifies construction by eliminating the nose scoops. Oh, and it
wouldn't have the congealing problem. 

Dave Black
Shortwing RG