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Bruce Topp
Sat, 29 Nov 2003 11:40:01 -0600

   I used Honeywell switches.  You can check them out on the website and
order from any local electric supply store.  AML21/22 switches (low votage
requires relays) or, AML34/36 switches for power distribution that do not
require relays.  They can come lighted or not and you can order different
color lenses, etc.  You can also find them in aircraft spruce but not the

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I'm wiring up my panel, and I'm looking for recommendations on power
switches.  I don't plan to use a prefab switch/power unit, and have already
completed my breaker panel.

I want to install rocker switches for various lights (NAV, landing, etc.) on
the main panel, and rockers for engine functions (mags, starter, fuel pump,
etc.) on the overhead panel.  I would like the switches to have a lighted
label and a power indicator light.

I also need push buttons for the stick and panel mounted switches such as
PTT, autopilot, COM flip, etc.

I did find an interesting looking item by Carling Technologies
( called the Contura.  This is an attractive, sealed
switch with LED lighting for both label and status.  It's rated 20A at
12VDC.  DigiKey has it available.

Should I stick with sealed switches (marine type)?

Besides obvious sources like Spruce and Chief, any tips on sources?


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