REFLECTOR:Gap Seals - Aileron Rigging

Pat Shea
Wed, 26 Nov 2003 18:52:38 -0800 (PST)


Good to hear your rigging is working well. How do you
have your ailerons set-up in the neutral position (in
trail or trailing edges down/up by how much)?

Thanks, Pat

--- Ronnie Brown <> wrote:
> The other way is to attach the aileron cable at the
> wing so that the approach angle is more than 90
> degrees.  Mine are attached at about 120 degrees,
> which results in more up travel than down travel. 
> My Velocity handles fine at low speeds, with just
> aileron control, similar to my Cessna 172.  If I
> need a sharper turn, I'll kick in more rudder, just
> like in my 172.  But normally, no rudder is needed,
> all the way down to the runway.  (But I also
> installed VG's before my first flight, these also
> improve low speed aileron control).
> Ronnie Brown
> 173 Elite RG with 101 hours of Fantastic Flight!!!!

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