REFLECTOR:Matco Brakes

Wed, 26 Nov 2003 19:39:29 -0700

I exchanged emails with Georag Happ(Matco) and figured out it was Pilot 
error!  No suprise there!

I was using the torqueing method for old style bearings with the felt dust 
seal where you tighten until the wheel starts to drag, then back off until 
you can get the cotter pin in.

The way to torque the Timkens with the built in seal,  is to torque until 
the wheel starts to drag, then tighten to the next cotter pin hole, not 
loosen.  There is a expected friction of

18-26 inch pounds of torque (drag)

 when it is tightened correctly.

I re tightened per the manual(duh), and no spinning of bearing.


At 03:06 PM 11/26/2003, you wrote:
>Possible solution to keep Matco washers from spinning
>As everyone knows, the washer is not supposed to spin with the wheel on 
>our Matco brake system.  I bought two new outside washers for my wheels (I 
>think I got them at NAPA, not sure).   The new washers have a bigger 
>diameter, and are also a few thousandths thicker.   I did this because the 
>rubber seal was popping out in one spot when I torqued the nut tight 
>enough to keep the washer from spinning when rotating the wheels.  I'm not 
>flying yet, but I think this mod might work.
>FYI, I couldn't find the perfect size washer, so I had to reduce the 
>outside diameter with a die grinder.  I ground it so close that the rubber 
>seal can't squeeze out now, and I can tighten it enough to keep it from 
>spinning with the wheel.  With the factory washer, I couldn't get it tight 
>enough to prevent my washers from spinning.
>All the best,
>Dennis Martin
>>Speaking of brakes,  I rotated my main tires yesterday, inside to outside).
>>I noticed the outside outer bearing on the right wheel had rotated 
>>somewhat.  Enough to score the axle nut.  It was well lubed and there was 
>>no play in the bearings before I removed the wheel, so I don't think I 
>>was running them to loose.
>>Anybody have this happen to them with Matco's?
>>I'm going to replace the bearing just in case, but need a new axle 
>>nut.  I tried to access Matco's web site but I get a blank page?  Maybe 
>>NAPA carries the nut, I know they will have the bearing.
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